YOKOHAMA Automatic Machine (China)
USE Rotary type Automatic filling packing machine
SIZE 2910(W)×2134(D)×2002(H)
SPEC 40pack/min
FEATURE 1 YOKOHAMA's machine can apply many kind of bodies, like Solid, Viscous body, Bubble, Liquid, etc., by one machine.
FEATURE 2 Only one time maintence is required per two years, because of high level endurance performance.
FEATURE 3 Customer can make easy operation about size change and exchange types.

PRODUCT1 HS Series: Rotary type Automatic filling packing machine PRODUCT2 M Series: Automatic filler for liquids and pastes
PRODUCT3 YK Series: Fully automatic filling & packing machine for pre-formed plastic cups PRODUCT4 YOKOHAMA Automatic Machine Co., Ltd., filling and packaging machinery(primarily in retort foodstuffs and frozen foods),