PRODUCT NAME Stainless Tank, HIBAR Pump
USE Stainless Tank, HIBAR Pump
FEATURE 1 HIBAR pump is No.1 share for electrobath because of precise surface finish.
FEATURE 2 UNICONTROLS can make customaized proposal to each customer in accordance with required conditions (ex. Pharmacy, Food and liquid crystal products need special liquid to keep purity), while other stainless tank maker supply mail order service.

PRODUCT1 Lightweight popular tank and pressure feed tank TMC series PRODUCT2 Lightweight popular tank with clamp coupling TMLseries
PRODUCT3 Precision Pump: Unicontrols are Exclusive Distributor of Hibar Pumps & Filler for Japan PRODUCT4 有理控(上海)液控设备贸易有限公司, Stainless tank, HIBAR Pump,