USE Automatic Pillow Wrapping Machine
SIZE 4695mm(W)×1305(D)×1700(H)
SPEC 70packs/min
FEATURE 1 TOKIWA's machine trouble hardly occures in many time of adjustment by TOKIWA's engineers at the plant in Japan, and also, at customer's plant before carring and installation of the final products.
FEATURE 2 TOKIWA can make customization of machine structure not to be broken, and in consideration of charactor of packaging materials according to each customer. Customer can enjoy merit of TOKIWA's machine about endurance performance, easy maintenance,
FEATURE 3 TOKIWA's salesperson visit customer regularly, and make advice about machine operation and detailed maintenance to prevent machine trouble.

PRODUCT1 NEO06-720VBMUD: for Instant Coffee sachets, Multi pack of Bag Noodle. PRODUCT2 NEO06-STR: for Frozen noodle and other frozen food
PRODUCT3 CP-1: for Food on plastic tray. PRODUCT4 Tokiwa Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Designing , manufacturing and sales of wrapping machinery and connected equipment,