USE Thermal Line Printer
SIZE 140mm(W)×143.5mm(D)×211mm(H)
SPEC Max Print Area: 53mm(W)×32mm(L)
FEATURE 1 The thermal line printer transcribe print word obviously different beauty compared with inkjet printer, by using ribbon(solvent), not liquid.
FEATURE 2 Possible to change feeling of quality, to adequate surface treatment, and to change seal temperature, in accordance with each packaging materials.(Packaging machines and Printer are influenced by packaging materials.
FEATURE 3 MAKY can do fine correspondence, like to manufacture periphelals metal fittings in order to install printer to packaging machine.

PRODUCT1 Ink jet printer: contactless, good for printing on soft surface PRODUCT2 Hi Speed Thermal Printer: easy to insert packaging machine/labeler
PRODUCT3 Desk marking machine: for medicine, cosmetic, food product PRODUCT4 MAKY ENGINEERING CO.,LTD., printer and sealing machine,