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Company IHI STAR Machinery Corporation
web site http://www.ihi-star.com/english/index.html
Company Profile Integrated manufacture (from design and R&D through sales) of Farm and Environmental machinery (Forage cutters, Mounted cutters, Chaff cutters, Two wheel tractors with implement, Fertilizer spreders, Lime sowers, Manure spreaders, Slurry tankers, Rear graders, Paddy harrows, Corn planters, Disk mowers, Gyro tedders, Gyro hay makers, Gyro rakes, Side rakes, Square hay balers, Mini round balers, Middle round balers, Big round balers, Wrapping machines, Forage harvesters, Baler wrappers, Maize baler wrappers, Various kinds of self propelled machines)


Wanted Partner ■Manufacturer who produces tractors or combines or rice-transplanters, and who have dealers in India.




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For Granular,sandy,powdery fertilizer.Precise and highly efficient spreading with STAR MBC series.This matches well with a small size tractor.Required tractor HP is from 13PS(kW).Higher mobility than a big size traction fertilizer spreader is expected.
Easy to handle small bale!MRB has Hydraulic bale ejection,Automatic twine binding system,Steel compression roller.
SFC is compactly designed FORAGE CUTTER.For chopping forage,hay,straw,corn,corn stalk,squeezed suger cane,palm leaf and beet tops.
This is Compact body, lightweight with top quality, efficency and easy operation.